Testing Lab Activity

I created an informational video using Screencast-O-Matic.  I came across some technical difficulties with my microphone while recording, so I had to switch to my old laptop.  My slow computer took a while to upload the video to YouTube, but eventually it was a success!  The video gives background information on the Stanford Design Thinking School’s design thinking model and describes the test mode.  I wanted listeners to understand what testing is before getting into my problem of practice.  I explain what the test mode is, why testing with users is important, and tips for testing.  Lastly, I give details on my prototype and how I am testing it with my users and colleagues.  Due to the timing of Spring Break and the state testing at my school, I am still in the process of testing my prototype.  I will continue to test with my users and gain feedback from my colleagues.  I look forward to reflecting on the results from this test mode.