Problem of Practice: Define Mode

5 Whys?  Root-Cause Analysis

First Scenario:

  • Why are students not completing their homework?
    • Because they forget they have it.
  • Why do they forget they have it?
    • Because they don’t have it written down.
  • Why do they not have it written down?
    • Because they don’t like using their student planner.
  • Why do they not like using their student planner?
    • Because it is big, bulky, and not convenient.
  • Why is it big, bulky, and not convenient?
    • Because that is the planner the school provides and the student handbook is printed in the front of it.

Second Scenario:

  • Why are students not completing their homework?
    • Because they don’t have time.
  • Why don’t they have time?
    • Because they have activities (practice, band, choir, clubs, etc.) and do not manage their time wisely.
  • Why do they not manage time wisely?
    • Because they do not know how to manage their time.
  • Why do they not know how to manage their time?
    • Because they are not used to having this much homework every night.
  • Why are they not used to having this much homework every night?
    • Because they didn’t have this many homework assignments in middle school.

Why-How Ladder


Point of View Madlibs

Sean needs to use an organizational system for homework assignments because he needs to reduce his number of missing assignments that are bringing down his grades.

Sam needs to use an organizational system because she needs to take responsibility for her academics.

Sally needs to find ways to focus her study time because this will set good habits for her in college in the future.

Define Mode:

My problem of practice is high school special education students on my caseload not completing their homework.  It seems that there are two root causes for this problem including students forgetting that they have homework and students saying that they did not have time to complete their homework.  I strongly believe that students should be completing all of their assignments in their classes because they have a large impact on their grades in their classes.  Many students on my caseload are freshmen and are not used to the workload of a high schooler.  The main goal of high school is to prepare students for their futures.  By completing their homework they are building strong study habits and taking responsibility for their academic success.   I see my project headed towards more strategies and techniques to help organize these students.  Since every student is different, I look forward to coming up with solutions to this problem for my students.