Try some of these awesome programs to engage your students!  You can even have your students try using these when they have to present.


Animoto is a website that allows you to make an animation or slide show of pictures, music, and even video clips.  This program is free online or an iOs or Android app.  It is easy to export videos and share them with anyone.  Your final video has an Animoto watermark with the free version, to remove it you need to upgrade your subscription.

haikudeckHaiku Deck is a slideshow presentation program similar to PowerPoint.  You can use Haiku Deck on your laptop or computer.  Although you are limited on the amount of text on each slide, you can search Creative Common licensed images or import your own pictures too.

imovieiMovie is a wonderful video creating/editing tool that produces high quality videos.  There are two options in iMovie, a video creator and a movie trailer creator.  This is great if you have Apple devices because you can directly uploading pictures, music, and videos.  The only constraint I have found with iMovie is that you have to have an Apple device to use it.

Screencast-O-Matic is a website where screencastyou can create and share screen recordings.  I was impressed with how user-friendly this was to use!  You can create your screencast on a Mac or PC and you have options if you want to use the webcam as well.  The best feature I found with this program was the pause button.  Instead of having to re-record, you can pause as you are recording.  This is perfect it you ever need to stop and change something on your computer.  The pause button was especially useful when switching from webcam to screencast mode.

Weebly is a free website creator that is super easy to use and has many different features.weebly  Just drag and drop elements where you want them.  You can add photos, galleries, slide shows, videos, forms, maps, and more.  Encourage your students to experiment with Weebly and you won’t believe what they create.