Check for Understanding

Looking for new ways to check your students’ understanding of a concept? Try using one of these apps/programs as an exit ticket, review game, pre-quiz, or any other assessment that you may need!

formativeFormative is an amazing program that feels like an answer to my prayers.  With formative you can create an assignment whether it be a quiz, test, worksheet, or just a few problems.  You assign it to your students and they answer on their phones or electronic devices.  Formative sends you immediate results as they are answering.  All of their answers pop up on your computer screen and you can give feedback right away.  You can even export the results to save as a record in your grade book. This is great for all ages and perfect for 1:1 classrooms or classrooms where all students have an internet connected device.

Kahoot allows for many different opportunities to test student knowledge at any grade Kahoot-icon level.  Teachers and students may create their own quizzes or they may choose from the millions of other pre-made quizzes.  The website is easy to follow and the game is very interactive for students.  You will need smart phones, laptops, or other technology with internet in order to play the game once it is created.  Warning: students may get crazy excited when you bring this into your classroom!

Plickers is a wonderful free app for formative assessment.  Each student has a personal “QR code” where they can answer questions when you scan with an iPhone or iPad.  This is perfect for quick lesson checks or other types of formative assessments.