Be Creative

Getting tired of the same old routines in your classroom?  Try one of these tools to spark some creativity in your students give them the freedom to explore! is a free online program where you can create infographics. You just need to make an account and choose either a blank canvas or hundreds of different layouts.  With easillysome templates you cannot change everything so the blank option may be best.  The navigation bar is easy to use and allows you to choose from many different elements to make an original project.  You can choose to make your project public or private with a shareable link.

makey makey picMakey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Children ages eight and up can turn any object that conducts electricity into a touch pad.  No matter what level of inventor, beginner or expert, makers everywhere can be innovative and creative with the Makey Makey.  Use fruits, clay, gummy bears, or even yourself to complete a circuit and control keys on your computer. This kit is easy to use and runs from $24.95-49.95.

Piktochart is another free online infographic creator. Piktochart is very easy to use and has tons of options for backgrounds, colors, icons and more. Simply choose a template (or piktochartcreate your own), make it unique by editing colors, texts, and fonts, and share.  You can download the finished product and wow your audience with it printed, presentation mode, or by sharing it on the web.  I have used Piktochart a few times and am so happy with how my infographics turned out! #Failure #GotThePower

Scratch is a free downloaded online prscratch logoogram where you can create animations, stories, and games to share with the world.  This site is fun and engaging, allowing you to make your creations as simple or complicated as you like.  Your project can only be viewed in the Scratch program and not saved as a jpeg or png file.

Tagul is a word cloud generator where you can create beautifully unique collages.  Tagul tagulhas many different options of colors, fonts, and shapes allowing users to be super creative.
Students of all ages would be able to work with Tagul as long as they have an email to make an account.  The only issue I have with this program is you cannot specifically place where you would like specific words.  If you play around though, you can get some words to move places if you don’t like the way it is organized originally.  There are even different options on how to download your image. #MAET #Learning #PQ/CQ

ThingLink is a website where you can create an image and then link “things” (crazy, huh?)thinglink to different areas of the image.  ThingLink is very easy to navigate and multiple users can edit the project at one time, as long as they are logged into the same account. Warning: many of the features are only available with the paid subscription so you may not be able to do all that you would like.  With that said, this is a great tool that I highly recommend! #Failure #PQ/CQ

Wordle allows you to create word clouds in which you can choose colors, display, and font.  You do not have total control over the arrangement of specific words.  It is easy to link or print your creation.  You need to have Java on your computer in order to create a word cloud using Wordle.