Problem of Practice: Prototype Mode

For my problem of practice, I have started to work on creating a spreadsheet to track my students’ grades and missing assignments.  In the previous ideate mode I came up with a quick sketch of how I wanted it set up.  I decided to use Google Sheets so I can access the spreadsheet on any device.  I can check in with my students on my computer in my classroom or my tablet that I bring to my co-taught classes.  I am still debating if I want the students and/or their parents to have access to the spreadsheet.  I played around with different layouts and came up with the screenshot below.  I have the student’s classes listed on the left side with columns set up for letter grades and missing assignments.  If the student has a C or better I highlight the box green, D is yellow, and an E is red.  I think students will like checking in with me this way because the colors help narrow your focus when you look at it.  Our district uses Skyward as a system for grades and when I check them with my students, it is hard for them to see where they need to improve.  The color coding system may motivate some students and give them a feeling of accomplishment.  They will also be able to see their growth and how grades change over time.  I set goals with my students regarding grades and missing assignments and this spreadsheet will allow us to track them closely.  Some goals we can set could be staying out of the red in all classes for the marking period or keeping missing assignments to under five.


tracking sheet


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