Prototype Lab Activity

prototype lab

The Meaning of Life Prototype

This lab activity was definitely a challenge for me.  I decided to choose the topic of my view of the meaning of life.  Constructing that complex idea into something physical was a difficult process.  I kept second guessing the topic I chose when I was looking around to gather my items.  I thought there was no way I could get my idea across.  I piled up some items on the floor and played around a bit.  Some of my ideas changed as I built as far as what I wanted to use and how I wanted it to look.  The picture above shows my final prototype.  My view of the meaning of life is simple, follow your passion.  Everyone always says do what makes you happy and do what you love, but not many actually follow their passion.  I have a cross on top made of pencils with six paper clips around the edge of the cup.  The three pink paper clips represent my mom, my sister, and myself.  The blue clips represent my brothers and my dad.  Faith and family should always be your focus so that is why they are on the top of my prototype.  Underneath the cup is a dollar bill and around it are pictures I drew on the paper plate.  There is a car, diamond, house, and airplane.  These are all on the bottom because they should not be your focus in life.  If you follow your passion and spend your time building strong relationships, those things will follow.  We should not stress over such materialistic things, they are not what is most important.  This whole activity made me realize how much I struggle with not having “the right answer”.  There is no answer to the meaning of life, nor was there a right or wrong way to construct the prototype.  I am glad there was a note that it should take about an hour, because I could have wrestled with ideas and constructed all day.  Prototyping is doing, making, constructing, and building.  No time for analyzing and overthinking.


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