Problem of Practice: Ideate Mode

Brainstorm Session

Incubation Journal


Throughout my work in this module, I realized that ideation is a process that occurs in stages.  In order to produce a number of ideas you need to spend time with others collaborating and being creative.  When I first started the brainstorming stage, I was a little frustrated.  I am a very analytical thinker and did not want to write some of my ideas down at all because I thought they would not work.  I struggled through this and appreciated ideas that others provided me.  I also learned that it was important to give my brain a rest.  There is value in taking a night off and re-visiting a topic the next morning.  I discovered some new perspectives and thoughts during my “incubation” period journaling that I would not have had if I stopped working after the brainstorming stage.

My ideas are continuing to evolve in my Problem of Practice.  The ideation mode really brought to light how many different solutions there could be for my problem.  I am still wrestling with what will work in the real world with my students.  I keep evaluating from prior experience what has not worked in the past.  Each student is different and I think my next steps may involve a combination of different solutions.  With that said, I really like the idea of have a spreadsheet check in system to use with my students.  I am looking to pursue using this and maybe some other technological tools in the future modes of this design thinking process.


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