The Art of Writing

Have you ever wanted to learn a new hobby or learn how to make something and told yourself that you just didn’t have enough time?  Have you ever pinned a project on Pinterest and never looked at it again, or tried it, and it turn out as an epic “pinterest fail”?  Then we have something in common.  If you stumbled across my Pinterest page you may notice boards titled, “Crafty Things” or “Yummy Foods”, also known as things I really want to learn how to make.  Have I actually followed through and made them? Before last year, my answer to that question would have been no.  If you asked me today, I would say I successfully made three beautiful projects.


Summer 2015 Projects: Left-Graduation gift for my sister, Right-Wall decor for my room, Bottom: Wall decor for my classroom, Photo Credit: Kelsey & Keri Masserant

With those completed, I am on to my next challenge.  My networked learning project is a combination of something I have always wanted to learn and something that I have been practicing over the years without even knowing it.  Let’s flash back to the years of learning proper penmanship and cursive in elementary school for a minute.  I was the student obsessively practicing her letters in the classroom and at home to make sure they looked absolutely perfect.  I was ecstatic whenever teachers would compliment me saying that I had “pretty penmanship”.

Moving forward to high school and college, I still enjoyed doodling in notebooks with different letter forms.  I experimented with quotes, names, or even vocabulary words from my classes.  I was the poster maker of group projects and queen of volunteering to write for anything.  My non-teacher friends always say, “you have such teacher handwriting” and I take that as a compliment.  I still write letters in cursive to a few of my friends using “snail mail” because I think writing is a wonderful form of art.  The written word is something that should be cherished and that is why I have chosen calligraphy writing as my networked learning project.

After searching on Google and Pinterest, I was I little overwhelmed with the results that I found.  There are numerous resources for how to write calligraphy, modern calligraphy, brush calligraphy, and hand-lettering.  My plan is to start by focusing on learning calligraphy with a fountain pen.

  • By Dawn Nicole has some great information regarding what supplies to purchase. She also has practice worksheets and tips in her “Modern Calligraphy 101” post, which will be valuable once I begin.
  • Chloe Mackintosh’s Boxwood Avenue, is another great resource that includes blog posts, practice worksheets, and a free calligraphy workshop.  I have already signed up for the workshop that guides you step by step through the art of calligraphy with instructions, tips, and examples.
  • Hand Lettering Tutorial goes through how to write the lower case alphabet using brush pens.  The artist in the video, Will Paterson, is a very talented graphic designer.  He has some other videos of brush calligraphy, which I will definitely be watching to help me along the way.  Will’s videos are easy to listen to and follow along in comparison to other calligraphy videos I have watched.

Once I get the basics of calligraphy down, I am going to move on and experiment with different writing utensils (brushes, markers) and surfaces (paper, canvas, wood).  My final product will be a decorative piece depicting one of my favorite quotes and will be a great new addition to my classroom.  I am nervous and excited to begin this project!


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